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QuickBooks Error H202

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QuickBooks Error H202

QuickBooks Error H202 – The QuickBooks is accounting software which has advanced features to manage company data in an organized way. The QuickBooks software is providing single as well as multi-user access and it depends upon your license version of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Error H202
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Below you can check all the details of QuickBooks Error H202.In today’s post, we are going to discuss all the in details about QuickBooks error H202. You may follow the instructions given below to fix this error code by yourself.

Also, if you want to hire an expert to quickly resolve it for you; you can contact us our expert  QuickBooks Customer Support team. We will be happy to help our users and ensure that they get the best result within few seconds.

The QuickBooks users have certain features embedded within it. The QuickBooks is available in different versions and editions. One of the common errors faced by QuickBooks users is QuickBooks Error H202. This error occurs when the particular computer needs additional installation setup support.

The error occurs due to security parameters or damaged files where QB company file is located that system needs additional configuration setup. If you need instant support then you can contact QuickBooks Error Support team number by calling on their toll-free number or you can also contact them through online chat.

QuickBooks Error H202

What is QuickBooks Error H202?

QuickBooks Error H202 occurs when you are attempting to work with an organization record that is situated on another PC, and this duplicate of QuickBooks can’t achieve the server on that PC.QuickBooks Error H202 also occurs users are attempting to work with a company file that is situated on another computer, and that computer needs extra installation and setup. Below we are going to discuss solutions to fix QuickBooks Error H202.

What are the reasons for QuickBooks Error H202?

There may be numerous causes of this QuickBooks Error H202. Some of the causes are given below:

  1. QuickBooks can’t get the IP address of the framework or server facilitating the organization record.
  2. Workstations are arranged to open the record through the host’s Fully Qualified Domain Name (ex.
  3. The QuickBooks DBXX benefit isn’t begun
  4. The record is situated in none local introduced server, for example, Virtual Machine (VMWare, VirtualBox, Microsoft Virtual Server..etc)
  5. QBDataServiceuserXX consents don’t have READ/Write authorization and did not set to “Incorporate Inheritable authorizations from the articles parent”
  6. Hosting arrangement settings are incorrect
  7. The firewall is blocking approaching or active correspondence to the organization document.
  8. The .nd document is harmed or incorrect.
  9. Did not check QuickBooks documents envelope with QuickBooks Database server on the server.

How to fix QuickBooks Error H202?

There may be numerous solutions of this QuickBooks Error H202. Some of the solutions  are given below:

Solution 1: Create a new folder for your company file

    1. On  the host, Create a new shared folder
    2. The solution below, Set the access permissions from
    3. To  the new folder, Copy the .qbw file
    4. Rescan the folder your company file is in again
    5. Try opening your company file.

Solution 2: Add your server to the Windows hosts file

    1. Open  the Windows hosts file, On the workstation where you see the error
      • Using  Notepad, (C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\)
      • As  Windows Admin, Open Notepad if necessary.
    2. After the last IP address listed Place the insertion point and type the server’s IP address.
    3. Press the TAB key on the keyboard once, and type the server name.
    4. choose Save, From the File menu.
    5. choose Exit, From the same menu,
    6. Try opening your company file. And If you still see the same error, follow the next solution.

Solution 3: Set access permissions for QuickBooks services

    1. Ensure that the  QBDataServiceUserXX is a Windows administrator account or member of the admin group.
    2. For  QBDataServiceUserXX, Set the required access permissions
    3. Attempt opening your QuickBooks company file.
    4. You have to Check startup options on the QuickBooks service and restart it.
      • Click the Windows Start button:
        • Windows 7 or Windows Vista:
          enter services.MSC, In the Search field, and press Enter.
        • Windows XP:
          Click Run and in the Run field type services.MSc and click OK.
      • In the list Right-click QuickBooksDBXX, and select properties.
      • You have to Change the Startup type to Automatic.
      • Click  the Stop button, In the Service status section,
      • Click  the Start button, In the same section
      • You have to Re-scan the folder your company file is in again

Solution 4: Download and use the Network Diagnostic Tool on the host

  1. You have to Download and install the tool.
  2. Scan the folder your data file is in.
  3. Click the Scan Folders  And select the Add Folder button.
  4. The folder containing the data file, you have to Navigate
  5. Click on the Scan Now
  6. Note down the number of IP addresses and Network Interfaces.
  7. click the button to enable those ports for QuickBooks, If the Firewall Status section has an Open Ports button.
  8.  You  can open the ports manually in the next step, If there is no Open Ports button,
  9. Test for data file connectivity
  10. click the Browse button next to Company File, In the Test connectivity section,
  11. Navigate to the location of your data file and choose it.
  12. Click on the Test Connectivity button.
  13. Note the  File Open Status and Advanced Status.
  14. Now Try opening your company data file and If you still see the error, try the next solution.

Solution 5: Ping the server name from your workstation

  1. If you don’t already know it, Identify the name of your server and using the ipconfig /all command from the server, Identify the server
      • Open a Windows Command Prompt:
      • Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008:  enter cmd, Click the Windows Start button, and press the Enter key.
      • In Windows XP, Server 2003:  select the  Run and Click the Windows Start button and now type cmd and press the Enter key on the keyboard
      • You have to Enter ipconfig /all, and press the Enter key on the keyboard
      • Note down the  Host Name.
  1. Using the Windows properties of your data file, Identify the server name
      • in Windows Explorer, From a workstation, browse to My Computer.
      • Right-click the drive your company file is in, and click on Properties.
      • Check the Title bar of the Properties window.
      • The text to the left of the first backslash “\” is the server name.
  1. Click to Open a Windows Command Prompt:
      • Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008: Click the Windows Start button, enter cmd and press the Enter key on keyboard
      • Windows XP, Server 2003: in this case you have to Click the Windows Start button and select the  Run. Type cmd and press the Enter key on keyboard
  1. Enter the ping server name, and press the Enter.
  2. With  none lost, You should see a reply for each packet

Solution 6: Test network connectivity

  1. On  all workstations, Turn hosting off
  2. Open QuickBooks and choose File  and click on  Utilities
  3. this computer is not hosting the company file, If you see Host Multi-User Access on the list,  and you can go to the next computer.
  4. If  you see Host Multi_User Access at your workstation, Don’t change anything
  5. Select  that option, If you see Stop Hosting Multi-User Access,
      • To  confirm, Click Yes  
      • click Yes, In the Company File Must Be Closed window
  1. Restart this computer while you repeat this process at the next workstation and check whether the error still exists or not

Solution 7: Download and use the QuickBooks File Doctor

  1. You have to Download the QuickBooks File Doctor to your computer.
  2. You need to double-click qbfd.exe and after the download complete, follow all the on-screen instructions to install the QuickBooks File Doctor.
  3. After installing, the QuickBooks File Doctor opens automatically
  4. look for a green wrench icon in your Windows taskbar, If you do not see it opening.
  5. You have to Use the drop-down list to find your company file
  6.  Click the browse button and manually locate it to continue, If you do not see your company file in the list.
  7. Choose one of the following options:
    • Network connectivity only: If the QuickBooks users are using QB in a multi-user setup and when users try to open your company file (network errors) in Multi-User mode, they get a QuickBooks Error H101, H202, H303 or H505.
    • Both file damage and network connectivity: If you see a 6xxx error (such as -6150, -6000 -82, -6000 -305, -6000 -301, -6147, or -6130) or If you suspect your company file is damaged, or when you try to open your company file (data file problems).
  8. When instructed, enter the Admin password for your company file then click on Next.
  9. You will then be instructed to select Host/Server or Workstation. It is important to make sure you pick the right option!
    • If you are running File Doctor on a workstation then click on Workstation.
    • If you are running File Doctor on a Server computer (meaning the QuickBooks file is physically stored on this machine), then choose  Server.
    • You should also choose the Server if you are the only user and use QuickBooks on only one computer.
  10. Choose one of the following options, if instructed to share your company file:
    • Yes: on the computer hosting the company file, If you are running File Doctor.
    • No: That is not hosting the company file, If you are running File Doctor on a computer
  11. The users have to Wait until the File Doctor finishes diagnosing.

The above-discussed solutions will surely help the users in fixing the QuickBooks Error H202. We have mentioned six solutions to fix QuickBooks Error H202. The users have to follow all these solutions one by one until the best solutions matches and fix their issue.

However, sometimes it happens that above-mentioned troubleshooting does not fix QuickBooks Error H202 due to some hardware issue. In this case, you need to contact QuickBooks support team.

Still, need help? Enjoy our QuickBooks error support services. Dial our number to find a QuickBooks Proadvisor.

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