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How to Add Vehicles in QuickBooks Pro

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QuickBooks is software developed by intuit to help the small and medium-size business to maintain their company data in an easy way. There are three different editions of QuickBooks – Pro, premier and enterprise and also QuickBooks have different versions. In this post, we are going to discuss How to Add Vehicles in QuickBooks Pro.

QuickBooks is used by many companies such as manufacturers, wholesalers, retail sellers, contractors and many more. QuickBooks can be used for managing payroll, managing payments, invoices, inventory management, track change orders and much more. So, with QuickBooks, you can manage your all company data in an easy way.

Before proceeding further about How to Add Vehicles in QuickBooks Pro, we will discuss what exactly vehicles in QB pro means and also the various advantages of using this in your QuickBooks.

What are Vehicles in QuickBooks Pro?

Before discussing, about How to Add Vehicles in QuickBooks Pro, let us discuss what exactly are vehicles in QuickBooks Pro. QuickBooks Pro provides you a business vehicle to create a list of your company vehicles and tracks business vehicle mileage. It is used to track various information related to tracking your total miles and your company miles, maintain cost.

It helps to track your vehicle expenses on the tax return. So basically it is a tracking tool to track the information related to a company vehicle. QuickBooks pro not only maintains regular reports of vehicles, but also tracks transactions related to the serial number and purchase order number, and serial number and much more.

Advantages- To Add Vehicles in QuickBooks Pro

Now we will discuss various advantages of adding vehicles in QuickBooks Pro. Below is the list of advantages. After this, we will discuss How to Add Vehicles in QuickBooks Pro

  1. After Adding Vehicles in QuickBooks Pro offers you the feature “add employee information” in order to reimburse the traveling expenses.
  2. Vehicles in QuickBooks Pro help you to maintain up to date records of every mileage transactions, calculate the total mileage from start to end date.
  3. It provides mileage readings you can calculate account balance from an account by using It enhanced Double entry bookkeeping.
  4. By using “Fixed Asset item List” feature Users also track office equipment
  5. It updates the user’s list with IRS mileage rates
  6. QuickBooks provides 4 different mileage reports such as job details, job summary, vehicle details and vehicle summary

How to Add Vehicles in QuickBooks Pro

Now we start with how to add vehicles in QuickBooks Pro. Follow the step by step procedure carefully:

  1. Select the vendor profile lists and customer list
  2. First, you need to click on Vehicle list.
  3. After clicking on vehicle list, Vehicle list Window will display on the screen
  4.  You need to Click on the vehicle button
  5.  After clicking on vehicle button you need to click on New from the Menu.
  6.  Now again the new Vehicle window will display on your screen.
  7.  In  the Vehicle text box on your display enter your vehicle name
  8.  In the Description text box, write down the description of the vehicle
  9.  You can identify the vehicle record according to its year of manufacture and makers.
  10.  You can also type more identifying information if you have a fleet of cars or trucks.
  11.  To  save the vehicle description, you have to click on ok

How to track Vehicles mileage in QuickBooks Pro

Check out the few steps by following which we can track your vehicle mileage. Hope the above steps about How to Add Vehicles in QuickBooks Pro are clear to you before performing other steps.

  1. The first step is to select “Company” menu in QuickBooks software and click on “Enter Vehicle Mileage.”
  2. You need to choose the vehicle for which you want to enter record related to mileage.
  3. You have to Enter both start and end date for each transaction of mileage.
  4. You have to provide the mileage reading from the start and end of the trip of the vehicle. QuickBooks pro calculates the total mileage.
  5. if you want to bill a customer for mileage used, you have to select the “Billable” checkbox
  6. Finally, you have to select the mileage you want to bill to your customer from the “Customer: Job” and “Item” drop-down lists.

How to Track Office Equipment in QuickBooks Pro

After discussing how to add Vehicles in QuickBooks Pro, lets us discuss few simple steps for how to track office equipment.

  1. First steps are to click on “Lists” menu and choose “Fixed Asset Item List.”
  2. The second step is to click on the “Item” drop-down button and click on “Add Item.”
  3. Type the details you want to enter for your equipment.
  4. The entered details about equipment includes the equipment name, serial number, date of purchase, total cost, and whether the item purchased is new or used.
  5. You can also add additional detail about the equipment such as a location of the equipment, warranty expiration date, purchase order number and much more.

Hope the above-discussed piece of information on How to Add Vehicles in QuickBooks Pro would surely guide you through step by step procedure. We have discussed steps for how to track vehicle mileage and how to track office vehicle. If you are not able to add vehicles in QuickBooks pro then you just have to call QuickBooks pro support team on their helpline number and you can also email them your query. For faster communication, it is better to call them at the toll-free number.

QuickBooks Support
Toll-Free Number:
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24x7 USA Support
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