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Troubleshooting Basic with QuickBooks for Mac

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QuickBooks for Mac is also referred to as QuickBooks Pro for Mac. QuickBooks desktop cannot be used on a Mac until hosted on cloud servers. QuickBooks for Mac is a desktop version for Apple operating system. In this post, we are going to discuss Troubleshooting Basic with QuickBooks for Mac.

QuickBooks for Mac is a great option for people using Mac for their business work. In windows, QuickBooks has three editions such as pro, premier, and enterprise. QuickBooks also has three subscriptions types for online QuickBooks such as simple, essential and plus. QuickBooks for Mac has only one version. In Mac, you don’t have choices and you have the only version of QuickBooks.

Common causes – Troubleshooting Basic with QuickBooks for Mac

There are many reasons that lead to error in QuickBooks for Mac.

  1. QuickBooks application errors result in data corruption or loss
  2. Networking issues resulting in a loss of connection between a QuickBooks-Mac Client and the QuickBooks -Mac Server
  3. Virus or malware contamination of your computer, or software storage devices
  4. Operating system errors result in I/O failures causing data loss
  5. QuickBooks application errors resulting in data corruption or loss
  6. Computer hardware problems such as a failing hard drive
  7. Power-loss s results in an improper shut-down of QuickBooks

Troubleshooting Basic with QuickBooks for Mac

Now, below let us check tips and tricks for general Troubleshooting Basic with QuickBooks for Mac.

1. Check the version of QuickBooks for Mac as well as your Mac’s operating system

When you upgrade the Mac operating system, that change alone is enough to cause errors in QuickBooks for Mac. So, check out the troubleshooting basic with QuickBooks for Mac. It is necessary that when you update the Mac operating system it is necessary to update the QuickBooks also.

If updating the both Mac operating system and QuickBooks for Mac does not resolve the issue then this means that there is some issue with the compatibility. Once you update the both Mac and QuickBooks open the company file and check whether it is working fine or not. If it is not working fine then your company file has been damaged.

2. Revert Changes of updating you have made earlier

If you are not able to open the company files then it is necessary to revert all the new changes to QuickBooks. Make sure the settings are same as the earlier one when you were able to use the QuickBooks on Mac.

If you have upgraded the software then you need to downgrade it to the previous version of Intuit website. There is also need to check changes made to the operating system or system hardware. This is the main reason for the causes of error for most QB Mac users.

3. Attempt to delete the QuickBooks user permission file

Follow the following steps to delete the QuickBooks users preference files.

  • Click on your user account on the Mac,
  • Open the Preferences folder inside the Library folder, locate the QuickBooks for Mac list file, and trash it.
  • You may need to reset some of the preferences the next time you launch QuickBooks.

If you are getting the error after repairing permissions and deleting the plist file, then you need to below steps.

  • Create a new user account and open the QuickBooks while still logged into that new account.
  • Open your company files and try to use it.
  • If the company files works properly, you could still try repairing permissions and deleting the preference file.
  • If your company file still not works then it might have list damage.

These error symptoms are reports errors, crashes and displaying wrong information.

4. Use Specific Tools for Troubleshooting Basic with QuickBooks for Mac

Specific tools are available for Troubleshooting Basic with QuickBooks for Mac. One of the tools is QuickBooks File doctor for troubleshooting any company file errors. After installing this software, you can simply check the entire company files for any errors. Good news is that this software will automatically fix the errors, saving you both time and money. This tool can be downloaded directly from their website and without any charges.

5. If there is any problem in the sample company file, try checking your disk permissions

  • Open Disk Utility
  • Click on Applications and select Utilities
  • Click on Disk Utility.
  • Select your Mac’s hard drive and click the Repair Disk Permissions button.

6. Recreate the Company File

You can recreate the entire company file within QuickBooks.

  • Click on the File menu and choose rebuild option.
  • You need to log into QuickBooks with an administrator account to rebuild your company file.

7. Create financial statements

To check for any overflow transactions in QB You can also create financial statements. With this feature, you can get rid of overflow transactions. These transactions are basically amounts or items with numbers greater than allowed. These transactions will cause issues while creating reports. Hence, creating financial reports are the easiest way to narrow down on them.

Hope the above discussed Troubleshooting Basic with QuickBooks helps you a lot in making your work with QuickBooks Mac desktop easy and safe. You need to follow the above steps which can help you in resolving the basic errors in QuickBooks for Mac. If you are not able to solve the issue then you need to contact the QuickBooks for mac support team. You can contact them by calling them on their helpline number for quick assistance.

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