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Set Up and Use QuickBooks Bill Pay

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Set up and use QuickBooks Bill Pay – In this post we are going to Learn how to Set Up and Use QuickBooks Bill Pay in QuickBooks Desktop for paying bills online, and  also get quick answers to frequently asked questions about the feature.

Quickinfy has gathered few simple steps that can be performed by anybody to Set Up and Use QuickBooks Bill Pay. Below the QuickBooks users can check the steps which need to followed in order to Set Up and Use QuickBooks Bill Pay.

How To Set Up and Use QuickBooks Bill Pay

Set up Online Bill Payment

  1. You have to Deactivate online banking from the account you want to associate with online bill payment.
    • Select Chart of Accounts, From the Company menu
    • Right click the Bank Account to be associated with online bill pay, In the Chart of Accounts, then click on Edit Account.
    • Click on the  Bank Feed Settings tab.
    • You have to Click the Deactivate All Online Services radio button.
    • Click on Save & Close.
  2. You have to Set up Online Bill Payment Bank Account.
    •  Choose Bank Feeds, From the Banking menu, then choose Set Up Bank Feed for an Account.
    • You have to Click Yes when the the message: “All open QuickBooks windows are closed briefly to line up on-line banking services. does one wish to continue?”. appears
      enter bill pay and from the Matching Results,In the Enter your bank’s name field, select QuickBooks Bill Pay.
      Type your QuickBooks Bill Pay client ID and PIN. Once again Confirm your PIN, then select Sign In.
    •  you need to enroll to obtain your credentials. Log on to quickbooks.intuit.com/bill-pay/ , If you are new to the QuickBooks Bill Pay service,and select Enroll Now.
    • For newer versions of QuickBooks, click on the QuickBooks 2016 on the Product Version drop-down.
    •  To close the setup wizard and view the Bank Feeds Center in QuickBooks, Select Finish
  3. Set up Online Payees.
    • choose the kind of recipient (vendor, customer, etc.) for whom you wish to enter info, From the Lists menu.
    • The Employees won’t be able to receive on-line paychecks, however will receive different kinds of on-line checks.
    • Double click the name to travel to the Edit seller window, If the recipient already exists.
    • Click New Vendor, If you’re creating a new payee, 
    • Enter the payee’s name, address (street, city, state, zip), phone number, and any other information you want to specify, On the Address Info tab.
    • You have to  enter the account number the payee uses to identify you, On the Payment Settings tab,then click OK. 
    • Enter a note or other information, If the payee does not have an account or policy number for you.

Pay bills online

Pay the vendor using the Pay Bills window

Hopefully by following the above mentioned steps for Set Up and Use QuickBooks Bill Pay are going to help the QuickBooks users. If the above discussed steps do not work fot you then you have to contact the Quickinfy, the QuickBooks Tech support team for further questions and they will be happy to help you.

QuickBooks Support
Call Toll-Free:
(888) 241-9294

24x7 USA Support
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