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Reinstalling QuickBooks on Desktop without Using CD

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QuickBooks is an accounting program developed by Intuit for small and medium-size businesses. QuickBooks software is very popular among the business owners, largely because it is easy to use and be tailored to suit the needs and types of businesses.

It is easy to operate and offers step by step guidance as well as a large number of tutorials for proper information. Like most of the software’s, QuickBooks also require an installation and you can also start Reinstalling QuickBooks on Desktop without Using CD

In this post, we are going to discuss the few steps that you need to follow for Reinstalling QuickBooks on Desktop without Using CD. By following a few simple steps, your QuickBooks can be up and be running again in about 20 minutes.

Reasons for Reinstalling QuickBooks

There are many reasons where you need to reinstall QuickBooks. Check out the reasons below:

  • You replaced your old QuickBooks computer with a new one
  • QuickBooks crashes because it can’t load pieces of its own program anymore
  • Your hard drive crashed and was replaced with a new hard drive
  • QuickBooks won’t start anymore on your computer
  • Viruses or malware corrupted the QuickBooks installation on your computer.

Requirements for Reinstalling QuickBooks on Desktop without Using CD

The main and the most important requirements are

  • License number
  • Product number

If you do not have your original license and product numbers, you can visit the QuickBooks License and Key Code Lookup page to access them.

Steps for Reinstalling QuickBooks on Desktop without Using CD

Solution 1: Downloading QuickBooks from the Internet

  1. Go to the website of QuickBooks Intuit and locate the link to the appropriate version of the QuickBooks being supported on the system.
  2. If the software version installed on the system is QuickBooks Premier 2017, then the user is advised to download the link of QuickBooks Premier 2017 only. It is advised to save the software installation in the hard drive.
  3. Double click on the file once the download process is finished in order to open the Database Manager of Intuit that is required to download the files for successful installation.
  4. The process automatically starts once the download is complete.
  5. Complete the installation process as per the instructions you are given on your screen.
  6. Type in the product and license number of the software and then tick the checkbox against the Terms and Conditions option to finish the installation process of the software.
  7. The last step is for registration, you will not be required to register again on QuickBooks if you are reinstalling it on the same computer.
  8. However, if you choose to reinstall it on a different computer, you have to register it again. To register on QuickBooks follow the steps given below:
  • Click on “Register QuickBooks” and then select “Help” menu
  • Enter your business information.
  • Once your information you entered is recognized by QuickBooks, it will automatically complete the registration process for you and you will be up and running.

Solution 2: Sharing a CD drive on a networked computer

  1. On a networked computer that has a CD drive, share the CD drive.
    • Go to My Computer.
    • Right-click on the CD drive and select Sharing and Security.
    • Select the radio button that says Share this folder.
    • Click Apply.
    • Click OK.
  2. Collect the Computer Name of the computer with the CD drive.
    • Right-click on My Computer.
    • Click the Computer Name tab
    • Notate Full Computer name
  3. From the computer without the CD drive, select Start>Run.
  4. Enter “\\[Computer name gathered in Step 2]” (without the quotes)
  5. Click OK.
  6. Double-click on the drive letter that represents the CD drive
  7. Double-click the Setup.exe file.

Solution 3: Install software from a shared CD/DVD drive

After sharing the CD/DVD drive, you can use it to install QuickBooks software on the computer that has no CD/DVD drive, using your wireless network.
To install software, follow the steps below.
  1. Connect both computers to your network.
  2. Insert the software disc that you want to install into the CD/DVD drive so that you will be able to access it across the network.
  3. In Windows Vista, from the computer that does not have the CD/DVD drive,
    click Start >Network > double-click the name of the computer that contains the shared CD/DVD drive that you want to use. If prompted, log onto the other computer.
  4. In Windows XP, from the computer that does not have the CD/DVD drive,
    click Start > My Network Places > then Add a Network Place to open the Add Network Place Wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your CD/DVD drive as a network place. If prompted, log onto the other computer.
  5. Double-click the QuickBooks folder for your CD/DVD drive.
  6. Locate a file named Setup.exe, Start.exe, Install.exe, or similar.
  7. Double-click the QuickBooks file and proceed with the installation.

After a lot of research work, we have found simple steps for you to help you in Reinstalling QuickBooks on Desktop without using CD. Hope the above-discussed steps will help you to download and install required QuickBooks software.

In case of any error, if you are not able to reinstall QuickBooks on Desktop without using CD. You are advised to contact the customer service team for resolution and proper guidance

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