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QuickBooks 6000 83

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QuickBooks 6000 83 error happened when QuickBooks attempted to get to the organization record. If the issue continues, contact Intuit Technical Support and furnish them with the following error codes: (- 6000, – 83).

You don’t have adequate permissions to the specified folder.  To utilize QuickBooks in a multi-client condition, you must have read/write access and create/delete rights to the folder where the organization record is put away.


Reasons for QuickBooks 6000 83

The following are the list of reasons for QuickBooks 6000 83. Check out the list of causes below:

  1. Damage to organization document or the common envelope
  2. Having your organization record in an index not observed by qbmonitor and no qbdir.dat document exists.
  3. Your workstation is not able to ping the server by name.
  4. How the record is gotten to (Mapped Network Drive or UNC Path)
  5. Using a non-U.S. or on the other hand non-Canadian rendition of Windows or having your Regional Language Settings in Windows set to an option that is other than English
  6. A firewall or security programming blocking QuickBooks documents
  7. More than one PC attempting to have the organization record
  8. Converting your organization document from a prior form over a system
  9. The record expansion might be .qbm or .qbw.adr
  10. Missing documents in your establishment of QuickBooks
  11. Insufficient consents for your system server, Windows client, or QBDataServiceUserXX

How to fix QuickBooks 6000 83

The following are the list of solutions for how to fix QuickBooks 6000 83. Check out the list of solutions below:

Solution 1: Turn off hosting on all workstations that access the file over the network

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop. At the top, click on File, and select the Utilities.
  2. From the list, If  you see:
  • Click on Host Multi-User Access, when the computer is not hosting the company file and you have to go to the next computer.
  • Select that option, Stop Hosting Multi-User Access
  • Click  Yes, in the Stop hosting multi-user Access window,
  • Click Yes, In the Company file must be closed window, to continue and go to the next computer.

Solution 2: Scan the company files

  1. Click Windows Start menu, and click on  Programs
  2. Select QuickBooks and click on QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  3. Click Add Folder, In the QuickBooks Database Server Manager window, and browse to the folders storing the company files.
  4. click Scan, When all folders are added
  5. Under QuickBooks company files, The data files appear found and Click on Close.
  6. search the folder containing the company files and make sure that for each company data file, the file .qbw.nd was created.

Solution 3: Verify hosting on your computers

  1.  Right-click on the Windows Taskbar and click on Task Manager.
  2. Find  QBDBMgrN.exe. (You can click the column heading to alphabetize the list.), In the Image Name column
  3. Make sure that the QuickBooks XX service is on the computer and started, If you don’t see QBDBMgrN.exe on the list:
    • Log in as a Full Administrator. Click Windows Start and click on Run.
    • Enter services.MSc In the Open field, and then click OK.
    • Search the following service for your version of QuickBooks Desktop:
      • QuickBooks 2018: QuickBooksDB28
      • QuickBooks 2017: QuickBooksDB27
      • QuickBooks 2016: QuickBooksDB26
      • QuickBooks 2015: QuickBooksDB25
    • Make sure that the startup type is Automatic and that the service is currently started.
      • Right-click it , If the service is not started, and select Start.
      • Double-click the service, If the startup type is not Automatic,  and from the Startup type drop-down, select Automatic.
    • Check  that the entry in the User Name column is correct, In the QBDBMgrN.exe row:
      • The  entry should be QBDataServiceUser28, For QuickBooks 2018,
      • The  entry should be QBDataServiceUser27, For QuickBooks 2017,
      • The  entry should be QBDataServiceUser26, For QuickBooks 2016,
      • The  entry should be QBDataServiceUser25, For QuickBooks 2015,

Solution 4: Verify Connection

  1.  Close QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. To open the Computer window, On your keyboard, press Windows+
  3. double-click  Local Disc (C:) In the right pane.
  4. Scroll down and double-click on the Windows folder.
  5. Scroll down and double-click on the System32 folder.
  6. Double-click the drivers’ folder and then Double-click the etc folder.
  7. Using  Notepad, Open the host’s file.
  8. After  the last IP address listed, Edit or add the IP address of the server
  9. You have to Press the Tab key once, and then enter the name of the server.
  10. From the File menu, click on Save.
  11. Open the QuickBooks and your company file.

Solution 5: Check for problems in your file name and file path

  1.  choose Open or Restore Company, From the File menu
  2. Select Restore a backup copy and click on Next.
  3. Select Local backup and click on Next.
  4. Browse  to your backup file [Companyname].non-alpha>, In the Open Backup Copy window,
  5. Click Open.
  6. In the Open and Restore a Company window, click on Next.
  7. Remove  any special characters or spaces in the File Name field, In the Save Company File window
  8. Click on Save.

Solution 6 : Change the extension if the restored file extension is .qbm or .qbw.adr instead of .qbw

  1. Open the company file in QuickBooks and to open the Product Information window, Press F2 
  2. Under the File Information section, In the Location field, highlight and copy the file location then paste it into your computer notepad.
  3. Close QuickBooks and Right-click the Windows Start button and click on Explore.
  4. Navigate to the company file location and Right-click the file name and choose the Rename.
  5. Enter the new company file name and press Enter.
  6. To confirm that you want to rename the file If Windows prompts you
  7. Check that you have entered the new file name correctly and click on Yes.

Hopefully, the above-discussed solutions will surely help you in fixing QuickBooks 6000 83. The QuickBooks users have to follow the above-mentioned solution for how to fix QuickBooks 6000 83. We have mentioned six solutions to fix QuickBooks 6000 83, the users need to follow the solutions until QuickBooks 6000 83 get resolved. If the above solutions do not fix the issue then you need to contact QuickBooks support team.

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