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How to Install QuickBooks on Multiple Desktops

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QuickBooks provides an option for a company that they can allow multiple employees to access the QuickBooks from different computers. The QuickBooks software can be used by multiple users from different computer systems. The users which have given authorization can sign in and access the same QuickBooks data file.

In order to have multi-user access, install the QuickBooks software data server manager on your server and then authorized users can access the same QuickBooks company file. According to Intuit, each multi-user must have a valid license to use the QuickBooks software. When you have a single license of QuickBooks, it allows a single user to access the QuickBooks company file.

If you want multiple users to share access to QuickBooks, you need either multiple single-user licenses or a multi-user license. In QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks premier, you can authorize up to five users to access the QuickBooks data and have only one license. In QuickBooks Enterprise, you can authorize up to 15 users and it comes with 10 user license.

QuickBooks User License

To check how many licenses you have in QuickBooks, follow the following steps:

  1. You can press F2 to show the Product Information window.
  2. If you need to buy additional licenses to your existing QuickBooks Pro or Premier license, you can navigate to Help > Manage My License > Buy Additional User License.
  3. In order to buy an additional license for your QuickBooks. Go to Help > Manage My License > Sync License Data Online…

Steps to Install QuickBooks on Multiple Desktops

Quickinfy has provided you few steps which you need to follow in order to install QuickBooks to multiple desktops.

  1. QuickBooks CD to be inserted. The Intuit QuickBooks Installer will open automatically.
  2. If the dialog box does not open, right-click the “Start” button on your desktop and select “Explore.”
  3. Select the QuickBooks CD in the Folders list on the left side of the Explorer window, and click “Setup.exe” to launch the Intuit QuickBooks Installer.
  • If you have downloaded QuickBooks software, from the main website of Intuit.com.
  • Double-click on the downloaded installation file to start automatically the QuickBooks Installer.
  • Click the “Next” button in the lower right corner of the Intuit QuickBooks Installer to go to the License Agreement.
  1. Checkmark the box next to “I accept the terms of the license agreement” on the License Agreement page of the Intuit QuickBooks Installer
  2. click “Next” to go to the Choose Installation Type page.
  3. Select “Express” on the Choose Installation Type page to receive recommendations from QuickBooks on installation options.
  4. Select the option “Custom and Network Options” and click on it. If you selected “Custom and Network Options” skip the next step.
  5. If you have selected “Express” in the previous step, you need to click on “Next” to go to the License and Product Numbers page of QuickBooks install.
  6. Enter “License and Product Numbers.”
  • When you are installing QuickBooks from a CD, License and Product Numbers are written on the yellow sticker that came with the CD.
  • When you are installing QuickBooks from Intuit website, these numbers are in the email send to you by Intuit and skip the next step.
  1. If you selected “Custom and Network Options” in the previous step.
  2. click “Next” to go to the Custom and Network Options page.
  3. Read the available options, and click the appropriate radio button.
  4. Click “Next” to go to the Upgrade or Change Installation Location page.
  5. Select the “Change the install location” radio button and click “Browse” to navigate to a different location if this is your preference.
  6. Click “Next” to go to the Ready to Install page.
  7. Review your settings at the Ready to Install page for accuracy.
  8. Click “Install” to begin the installation.
  9. Check “Open QuickBooks” and “Help me get started” on the Congratulations! page.
  10. Click “Finish” to perform the checked actions and close the Intuit QuickBooks Installer.

You need to follow these steps in order to install QuickBooks on different computers. Repeat the above on all the computer on which you want to QuickBooks access. You need to install the QuickBooks software on each desktop.

Hopefully, by following above steps you will be able to install the QuickBooks to multiple desktops. However sometimes due to some software issues, you will not able to install the QuickBooks to multiple desktops. In this case, you need to contact QuickBooks Desktop Support team and they will surely give you proper guidance.


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